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Calling all social media fans! Follow A Cleaner World on Facebook or Twitter and receive regular notifications about upcoming Wild Wednesday specials! Plus, we offer a few other tips, advice, and recommendations such as "How to Tuck in a Shirt so That it Stays Tucked In," and how to keep your clothing fresh smelling and neat looking even when you're traveling! It is free to sign up and it keeps you informed no matter where in the world you are!

"Excellent service! My clothes are always perfect and looking sharp! They met me after hours so I could get my coats and Marcus was incredibly nice!"

wild wednesday 2024 a cleaner world

This Week's Wild Wednesday Deals

wild wednesday 2024 a cleaner world
5 Dress Shirts $15.49
5 Pants $34.99
Tops (Blouses or Shirts) $7.49
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