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Why I Wanted to Help with Give A Kid A Coat by Courtney Westcott

A little over a year ago, I was walking in the cold attempting to get from my warm car into my warm school in as little time as possible.  All the while, I was dreading the next time I would have to face the bitter temperatures again; however, in the middle of my pursuit of warmth, my mind turned to those lacking the very thing I took for granted, my coat.  All the sudden, the gray pea coat I was wearing, which was blocking the harsh weather from my body, became a reminder of my blessings and my unique ability to change the lives of others.  I was surrounded by resources which would help me achieve my desire to provide a coat to someone that didn’t have one. 

As president of Wesleyan Christian Academy’s National Honors Society and National Beta Club, as well as being an employee at A Cleaner World, I knew I could make a difference with the help of my manager at work and the faculty at my school.  I talked to my employer, who eagerly encouraged me and provided countless support. Many of Wesleyan’s wonderful faculty agreed to help me by tirelessly announcing the Give A Kid A Coat drive and collecting coats in their rooms.  For 3 weeks, Wesleyan staff and students flooded donation boxes with coats, which I would take to my A Cleaner World colleagues to clean and distribute. Each step along the way, Lisa Walters and the staff at the A Cleaner World located at 2527 Eastchester Drive in High Point encouraged me and met me with a smile as I drove up for my shift with a car full of coats. I was so thankful to have dropped off roughly 170 coats with the help of my friends, family, fellow students, and the staff at Wesleyan.  My heart was so overjoyed for the opportunity I had in playing a small part in such a huge campaign.

When I found out that Wesleyan Christian Academy is once again hosting a coat drive in collaboration with A Cleaner World’s Give A Kid A Coat campaign, my heart leap for joy.  I am so thankful that the current students at my old school are once again working to give to those in need.  I know the Junior Class of Wesleyan Christian Academy will be blessed immeasurably more than they could ever ask or imagine as they bless others. I know I was.

It’s amazing to me how one person’s decision to act can cause a positive trickle-down effect.  Because of Courtney’s example from last year, Helena Brown and Maddie Cashion, also students at Wesleyan Christian Academy, are currently holding a coat drive to assist with the 2018 Give A Kid A Coat campaign.  Thanks ladies.

Give a Kid a Coat Program
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