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Thank You for Another Fantastic Give A Kid A Coat Campaign

Most folks say that their favorite time of the year is Christmas, but for us it’s Give A Kid A Coat. It’s the season where the best in folks comes out -- from our staff that puts in extra hours cleaning coats; to the folks at Fox 81075KZL, and Rock92 for reminders and enthusiasm; to The Salvation Army staff and volunteers who help those in need try on and select coats; to donations from you. Ultimately, you are the ones that make this whole thing happen because without coats, there would be nothing for the rest of us to do. So, thank you for donating and for thinking of others.

I think that Captain Matt Hedgren with The Salvation Army of Greensboro summed it up best when he said, “No matter what a family is going through, The Salvation Army believes we should always strive to take care of the basic human needs of the children of our community. With the Give A Kid A Coat campaign, our amazing partners and sponsors have stepped up again to make sure that children are kept warm through this cold winter. We are so grateful to A Cleaner World, FOX8, 1075KZL, and WKRR Rock92 and all of our donors dropping off coats for helping make a difference in this great community.”

And what a difference we all made; over 20,000 coats donated to the 2019 campaign translates to this:

Give a Kid a Coat Program
Give a Kid a Coat Program
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