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Questions to Help you Organize your Closet

I get great satisfaction from purging; there’s something truly cleansing and gratifying about letting go of stuff.  Back in April, I spent a Saturday transitioning my closet to warmer clothes, and in the process, I asked myself some hard questions which, I think, helped me part with even more clothes than normal.

When I was finished, I was left with an organized and color-coded closet that made my life feel much more streamlined than it is.  But the biggest thing is now I can find what I’m looking for, and bonus, I am no longer encroaching upon Matt’s side of the closet.

During the process, each article of clothing was subjected to a series of questions, and I will admit that removing some garments was easier than others.  

  1. How well does it fit?  It doesn’t matter how cute or in style your outfit is, if doesn’t fit well, it won’t look good, and you won’t feel good.  I think feeling good in your clothing is so important; I remember times when I wore something too tight, and I spent the entire day tugging at my clothes every time I moved.  On days where I wore something too big, I felt sloppy and unkempt.  
  2. How often do I wear it?  How often you wear something is a good indicator of how well you like it.  During my recent closet evaluation, many garments passed the first and second question and were quickly placed back into the closet.  If it fits well, is comfortable, and is worn often, it’s a keeper.
  3. Is it still in good shape?  This is somewhat relative; if it’s an old pair of work shorts, then allow more imperfections.  If it’s something you wear to work and you want to keep it, examine it to ensure buttons aren’t loose; zippers work properly; and there are no loose threads, hems, or seams.  If you have pieces that need a bit of attention, A Cleaner World’s alterations team can return your garments back to tip-top shape.
  4. Do I have multiples?  At one point, I had 12 pairs of khaki pants in our closet.  While they were in multiple styles, that’s simply too many.  Plus, we don’t have a massive closet.  I now have three along with more closet space.
  5. Is it in fashion?  Truthfully, I don’t pay much attention to trends, but some folks do, so I decided to include it.  I lean toward timeless, simple pieces, so I don’t often worry about trends.  Fashion moves in cycles, so if staying in fashion is important to you, then follow the trends and remove dated pieces from your closet but be certain you are comfortable with the new fashion before making any drastic changes.

If you are undecided on a few pieces, it’s okay.  Set them to the side and reevaluate another day; sometimes purging and organizing takes more than one pass.  Once you’ve made your final decisions, you can try selling pieces that are in great condition, or you can donate everything to a good cause.  

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