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Our Greensboro Route Dry Cleaning Pick-Up Service

High Point Road is fantastic – now, but I recall when driving down that road to reach our Adams Farm location required a whole lot of patience.  I also recall the staff meeting when I learned that progress was going to take that location, and I was taken back.  As a part of my training, my first two weeks working for A Cleaner World was at that location, and while the work was hard, I had fun and learned a lot while there.

Instead of building another brick and mortar building, our guys opted to start a route business to service the folks in that area.  We started by informing our existing Adams Farm location customers of the plan and how it would work plus we canvased nearby areas, setting up those folks that wanted to take advantage of our new arrangement.  Those that participate in the route receive an A Cleaner World express bag.  We pick up the dirty clothes on a designated day, take them to the Inman Road location where they are expertly cleaned and pressed, and return them when promised.  Payment information is kept on file, and we only charge your account when the clean clothes leave the plant.  A receipt for payment is included when your order is returned.

Originally, it was designed to benefit the Sedgefield, Adams Farm, and Jamestown communities, but as you know, best laid plans always change.  It all started when a customer moved to a different part of town and asked us to continue to provide him service; after all, how could we say no? 

How to Sign Up for Dry Cleaning Home Delivery in Greensboro

We run these 3 dry cleaning home delivery routes:

  • Monday/Thursday - Sedgefield, Adams Farm, West Friendly Avenue, and Jamestown
  • Tuesday/Friday - Cardinal, Summerfield, Oak Ridge, Honda Jet, Greenway Apartments
  • M, T, Th, F - High Point University

We no longer canvas areas looking for new clients; we’re too busy taking good care of our current ones.  But if you are in one of these areas and are interested in having A Cleaner World pick up, care for, and return your clothes, call Jordan Stafford at (336) 665-6100, and here’s the interesting part – you’ll get to meet her dad Roger!  He’s our super-fun, super-nice route driver!

Our Greensboro Route Dry Cleaning Pick-Up Service
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