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When Gray was younger, I regularly wrote blog posts about the latest thing he did to ruin a brand-new garment – grass stains, mud, dry-erase marker, peanut butter, random holes.  These days, he goes through clothes just as quickly, but now it’s thanks to a growing spurt where he grows 2 inches in one month.  

Over the years, thankfully, I’ve learned a few tricks to get more than just a few wears out of a new garment.  They are easy to implement and have become habit in our home.

  1. Purchase a little too big.  Kids grow out of their clothes so quickly, but that’s where pants with adjustable tabs come in.  Just cinch up the waist a bit and allow your child to grow into them.  The same is true for dresses; just go a bit too long to allow for growth.
  2. Repurpose.  If your child tears a whole in the knee, consider covering it with a fun patch.  When their pants become too short, turn them into shorts.  Turn dresses into long tops and pair them with leggings, and don’t forget hand-me-downs for siblings and friends.
  3. Good clothes versus play clothes.  When your kids come home from school or an event, have them change into play clothes.  It’s also helpful to have a couple pieces that are designated for super messy work or play.  
  4. Mealtime.  Many times, this is where the damage occurs.  Consider having your kids dress for school after breakfast or wear a robe over their clothes while eating.  If they wear play clothes at home, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but if you are at a restaurant or an event, check out number 5.       
  5. Address spills and stains immediately.  The longer a spill sit on a garment, the more difficult it becomes to remove.  If you feel comfortable addressing the stain at home, here are a few tips to follow.  If your attempts fail, don’t put the garment in the dryer because the heat will cause it to set.  Instead, take it to a professional, and let them know about your removal attempts. 
  6. Properly hang and fold.  If your child puts their own clothes away, they are likely being shoved into a drawer or crammed into a stuffed closet. (I suspect this because that’s what my son does.)  Doing so can cause damage or excess wrinkling, so consider regularly purging things they can no longer wear to make sure items have plenty of space.  Your child’s clothes will last longer and look nicer.

While these tips do help, life will still happen, and you’ll find yourself wondering if you can save a garment.  If in doubt, you can always call A Cleaner World.  We’re here to help.

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