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When you have an active 12-year-old boy, you deal with grass stains year-round. Gray doesn’t just get a few stains on his school khakis, he seems to bathe in grass with the entire leg covered in bright green skids. When I inquire about said skid, I get an animated story about how he juked so and so while playing soccer…….followed by, “Mom, it was epic.”

Epic soccer moves lead to epic grass stains. I’ve been using the following method to successfully remove the majority of Gray’s grass stains for a number of years now.

How To Remove Grass Stains

  • Lay the garment out on a work surface and apply some liquid Tide Laundry Detergent directly onto the stain. I recommend Tide because that’s the laundry detergent I use at home, and I’ve been successful in removing grass stains. I don’t know how other liquid laundry detergents will work but give them a try and let us know the results.
  • We always caution against rubbing a stain because doing so could push it further into the fabric, but you want the detergent to do its thing. Gently massage the impacted area by bending the fabric back and forth, allowing the detergent to work into the stain.  Once you've done that, allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes before washing.
  • Wash the garment according to the care label’s directions. Once the cycle is complete, check the garment to see if the stain has been removed before placing the item in the dryer. If it hasn’t, try repeating the process a second time; placing the garment in the dryer with a stain will cause it to set and become permanent. On many of Gray’s epic grass stains, it takes me more than one attempt to remove the stain.

Of course, if it is a delicate item, an item that cannot be machine washed, or you are hesitant to attempt this method at home, drop your garment off at any A Cleaner World location. Our trained managers and spotting experts will put your mind at ease and will take care of your child’s epic grass stains.

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