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I love vacation. Not only do I love visiting new places, trying new foods, and living like the locals, but I also love the general feel of vacation. I don’t get in any hurry. I don’t worry about messes. And while we are always on the go doing something while on vacation, I don’t get concerned about the stresses of life. Then we get home.

If there’s a downside to vacation, it’s returning home. Returning home to everything you neglected to do before you left, plus the mountain of laundry needing tending to. As I see it, you have two options.

  1. Do it yourself. I did it myself after a 14-day trip to Alaska by spending the next 5 days playing catchup with the laundry. Not only did I have regular wash and fold laundry, but I also had dresses to handwash and dress pants and khakis to press. Plus, we were still producing more laundry each day.
  2. Take it all to A Cleaner World. You may think of A Cleaner World as just a dry cleaner, but we are more than that. In a nutshell, we are your wardrobe care provider. From cleaning and pressing suits, dresses, and khakis; to wet cleaning specialty fabrics; to repairing rips, tears, and replacing buttons; to wash and fold laundry services; A Cleaner World can take that dirty vacation pile and turn it back into clean, like-new, and ready-to-wear.

Don’t let the thought of playing catchup with laundry put a damper on your trip. Upon your return, place the appropriate garments in your wash and fold bag or your express bag and drop them off at your nearest location. Then return to the routine of life stress-free.

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