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How Can Dry Cleaning Help Our Environment?

Video Transcript

Hello my name is Christen Manager of A Cleaner World A recent viewer submitted this question “How does A Cleaner World help our Environment? “to our online question forum. Today I will show you a few ways our Cleaners help preserve our World. We offer hanger caddies to all of our customers to encourage our customers to recycle their hangers. When the caddy is full we ask the customer to simply drop the caddy off at our location, and we will take care of the rest! In 1995, we formed a partnership with Triad Park, a 414-acre park being developed on the border of Forsyth and Guilford Counties. We pledged the proceeds from our hanger recycling program over a five-year period in the amount of $25,000, and in 2000, with your help, we fulfilled our commitment to Triad Park by donating over $26,000. By recycling hangers, we prevent millions from being deposited in our landfills, and in the process, we are planting trees and improving the beauty of our community. In addition to our hanger recycling program, we also insist that our plastic bags be made of 50% recycled material, which is broken down into 15% post-consumer and 35% postindustrial content. We also encourage our customers to return the plastic bags to our locations after use for recycle At A Cleaner World we save as much paper as possible by offering a digital service for keeping track of items an data. We offer an email option for receipts, claim tickets, and incentives. For further information on how A Cleaner World helps with environmental issues please visit Please submit your burning questions to

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