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Home Laundry Wash & Fold Service

The statistics are all over the place, but one article I read said that the typical family of four does 8-10 loads of laundry per week, averaging 8 hours of time being spent on washing, drying, and folding clothes. We are a family of three, and I swear I spend more time than that. As I write, I can hear the washer going through the spin cycle. But I am fortunate because I work at home; I can run the washer and dryer while I am working.

Most folks work outside of the home and are not so fortunate. We all know that it is not a good idea to run the washer while you are gone. What if a hose breaks and your laundry room is flooded? Worse than that, what if a fire starts in your dryer? When doing laundry, you may not be actively working on it, but you are required to stay at home until the cycle is complete.

That’s where A Cleaner World’s Home Laundry Wash & Fold Service saves the day!

What is Home Laundry Wash & Fold?

  • We Do All the Work
    Home Laundry Wash & Fold is just like you doing your laundry, except we do all the work. You drop off dirty laundry and pick up cleaned, dried, and folded laundry.
  • We Accept All Non Dry Cleaning Clothes
    Home Laundry Wash & Fold is for anything that doesn’t require dry cleaning or pressing like t-shirts, workout clothes, under garments, socks, towels, sheets, and bathroom mats.

How does it work?

  • No Pre-Sorting
    There’s no need to pre-sort. Our home laundry specialists will sort and separate light from dark items. We also check pockets and look for stains that need pre-treatment.
  • High Quality Products & Equipment
    Quality cleaning requires quality products and equipment. Your clothes are washed and dried in our commercial laundry equipment, with high quality detergents, by trained experts who specialize in caring for garments. Our dryers have superior moisture sensing technology to eliminate over-drying. Over-drying can damage clothes by fading colors and shrinking fabrics.
  • We Fold Your Items
    Finally, we neatly fold your items, socks are matched, and the clothes are wrapped up nice and tidy like a present, typically within 24 hours.

How much does it cost?

  • Flat Rate Option
    As little as $2.25 per pound with our flat rate option.
  • Smaller Orders
    For smaller orders we charge $3.49 per pound, with a 5-pound minimum.
  • Large Orders
    For orders over 15 pounds, we charge a flat rate $45 per bag, which means you can stuff your A Cleaner World Home Laundry Wash & Fold bag as full as possible and pay a flat fee. Each bag holds about 20 pounds of laundry which translates to roughly 2 large loads. No Surprises!

Why should I use Home Laundry Wash & Fold service?

  • Save Time
    Life is crazy busy. What if you could eliminate this time-consuming chore and spend more time on things that are more important?
  • Clothes are Receiving the Highest Quality Care
    Finally, you can rest assured that your clothes are in good hands. Our professional processes disinfect and sanitize your everyday laundry like nothing you can get at home.

How do I get started?

  • Visit a Location
    Stop by one of our convenient locations and ask for a Home Laundry Wash & Fold bag. If you're in a pinch and don't have time, you can always use your A Cleaner World Express Bag the first time and specify Home Laundry Wash & Fold service when you drop off.
  • Fill Your Bag
    Fill your bag with your home laundry items. We will take care of the rest.

Feel free to stop by one of our locations or contact us if you have any questions about A Cleaner World’s Home Laundry Wash & Fold Service.

father and daughter doing laundry
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