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The Difference Between a Bedspread and a Comforter

To me, it does not matter what it is – bedspread or comforter, I have one on our bed strictly for show.  It is there to compliment the décor of our bedroom. My sister, on the other hand, looks at bed covering as more of a utilitarian item – it is something she and her husband use each night, and it changes with the season.  

Before we proceed, let’s understand the difference.

  • Bedspreads are a single-layer, top-layer bed covering that is long enough to both cover the pillows and the entire bed down to the floor.  Because they are lightweight, they are often used in summer or with extra blankets in colder weather. 
  • Comforters are a thick, top-layer bed covering that is filled with a warmth-providing material like cotton, cotton blends, polyester, or down and are typically quilted to help keep the filling in place.  Comforters, if warm enough, can be used without a blanket underneath, and they are usually sold in sets with matching pillow shams and dust ruffles.

Bedspreads and comforters are different in both the way they are constructed and the purpose they serve. Regardless of their use, they need proper care to keep complimenting your décor.  To protect and prolong the beauty of your household textiles remember these basic tips:

  • Always follow the care label when cleaning.
  • Never store your bedspread or comforter without cleaning it first.  Just like with clothing, soiled household items are an open invitation to critters.
  • As with any textile, direct sunlight will cause the color to fade.  Be sure to close blinds or drapes to protect.  
  • Use caution when allowing pets on bedding.
  • Repair any damage immediately.
  • Remove dust regularly by vacuuming, brushing, or shaking off outside.
  • Remove stains immediately, and never allow your bed coverings to become extremely soiled.

Of course, depending on how you use your bedspread or comforter, you should have it expertly cleaned 2-3 times per year, and while A Cleaner World is a clothing care expert, we also know a thing or two about household textiles.  Plus, our equipment is such that it can manage oversized items like comforters and bedspreads.

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