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Why Did My Bedspread Fade After Cleaning?

In our household, it’s a miracle when Matt and I agree on a bedspread. He tends to be really opinionated on home décor, especially the bedding. When we finally found a bedspread we both liked, I was determined to make it last a long, long time. So, as I prepared for this post, I was bummed to find out that most bedspreads last around 5 years.

While I’m sure most of us would want a décor change in 5 years, the last thing you want is for your bedspread to fade or clump after its first cleaning. Unlike clothing care labels, which provide instructions on how to properly care for the garments, the Federal Trade Commission's Care Label Rule does not require permanent labels on home furnishings fabrics. Most bedspreads and comforters are sold with care instructions on a hang tag, a temporary label, or on the packaging.

Tips and Information About Caring for Bedspreads or Comforters

  • Don’t discard the care label. It will come in handy when it’s time for the first cleaning.
  • Comforters, quilts, bedspreads, and other household items can sometimes fade during recommended or acceptable cleaning procedures. Usually when this happens, the surface color has a streaked or frosted appearance, or there could be an overall lightening or complete change of color. The color change or fading may not be noticeable until the bedspread or comforter is compared with other matching pieces.
  • The fading occurs when the dyes or pigments applied during the manufacturing process were not colorfast to dry cleaning solvent, and unfortunately, the drycleaner has no way of knowing whether the dyes will fade during acceptable cleaning procedures.
  • Whether you have the care label or not, ask your dry cleaning professional to test the bedding for colorfastness prior to cleaning. This will determine which cleaning process is acceptable.
  • If testing shows that colors may fade, you’ll need to decide how or if you want your professional dry cleaner to clean the bedspread. If you decide to go ahead, you may want to have any matching components cleaned as well to ensure that the color will be consistent.
  • It’s possible that your cleaner will have you sign a release.
  • Finally, remember that once a bedspread or comforter has faded, the colors cannot be restored.

If you have questions about caring for your bedspreads, comforters, or bedding, feel free to contact A Cleaner World. We are here to help.

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