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Are the Cleaning Products Used at A Cleaner World Safe?

Explanation of products used at A Cleaner World

Video Transcript

Hello my name is Christen, here to answer your burning dry cleaning question. A recent viewer submitted this question. “Is the dry cleaning solvent you use safe? At A Cleaner World we use is perchloroethylene, commonly called perc, and it is from the same family of cleaning agents used in household cleaners and swimming pools. Perc has gone through several years of comprehensive testing by a number of well-known universities, so we’re certain that it is completely safe but just to take safety another step further we developed higher standards to follow at A Cleaner World to ensure we keep our customers and employees safe and our environment clean! For example, we continuously purify and recycle our solvent to ensure that no perc is released into the environment. We also maintain our equipment to the highest standards so that we can promise our customers fresh, odor-free garments. At A Cleaner World, we take our environmental responsibility seriously. After all, we have a big name to live up to.

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