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Mesh Bag

Uses for Mesh Laundry Bags

Mesh laundry bags are an inexpensive and helpful laundry tool.  Here are several reasons why you should have a few on hand when doing your home laundry:

  • To avoid stretched straps or having hooks damage other garments in the same load, place your unmentionables in a mesh laundry bag before placing them in the washing machine.
  • Do away with lost socks by placing socks in mesh laundry bags before washing.
  • Avoid having to hand wash certain garments by placing the item in a mesh laundry bag on the ‘hand wash’ cycle using cold water.  One note here – this may not work with all garments.  Be sure to check the care label before attempting.
  • Save delicate fabrics from developing snags by placing them in mesh laundry bags before washing.  This is especially true when doing a mixed weight load.

Here are a few suggestion to help you when you go out to purchase or are using your mesh laundry bags:

  • Avoid purchasing bags with draw strings. The strings can easily get wrapped up and tangled.  Choose bags with zippers instead.
  • Be sure to not overfill your bag.  Garments need to be able to move around to get clean.
  • Have a couple different sized bags on hand.  You don’t want to throw one small thing into an extra-large bag, and likewise, you don’t want to have to stuff something large into a small bag.  Plus, once you make a habit to start using the bags, you’ll find that you will end up needing more than one.   

See our blog for more information about mesh laundry bags.

Mesh Bag
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