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Uniform Rental Services: Why Rent Uniforms?

Because we are in the garment care business, A Cleaner World requires its employees to wear uniforms, and we insist on cleaning them as well. We always have because you only have one opportunity to make a great first impression. If our staff looked unkempt, you’d quickly make assumptions about how much care we’d put into caring for your garments.

Besides a good first impression, there are many reasons why employee uniforms are a good idea:

  • Uniforms promote your company and your brand
  • Uniforms solve the problem of what is appropriate to wear to work
  • Uniforms promote a sense of team spirit and belonging
  • Uniforms help protect employee’s own clothing from getting dirty or damaged during work
  • Uniforms help quickly identify folks that don’t belong in restricted areas
  • Uniforms, especially in heavily traveled areas, can allow employees to be seen easily
  • Uniforms, in certain environments, can help protect employees from dangerous situations
  • Uniforms, when used in the food industry, can lessen the likelihood of cross-contamination

Providing uniforms to your employees can be quite costly, but with A Cleaner World Commercial Services uniform rental program, there are no upfront costs, with the exception of some nominal charges for your company logo or name emblems, and all of your uniforms are alike in style, cut, and color. Below are some additional advantages of using A Cleaner World’s Commercial Services uniform rental program:

  • You can easily adjust the sizes and number of uniforms you need as your workforce fluctuates.
  • We will pick up, launder, and deliver to your business, on a schedule set by your needs, which eliminates your employees being responsible for laundering their uniform, insuring that they will always be returned clean, spot free, mended or repaired, and well pressed.
  • Uniforms handled through A Cleaner World’s Uniform Services Division can make life easier for both your business and your employees.

If you need uniform rental services in High Point, rental uniforms in Winston Salem, or uniform rentals in Greensboro, contact Scottie Springer at 336-870-6299 or send us a message.

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