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Rug Cleaning Tips During the Holidays

The start of the holidays means fun with family, celebrating with friends, and hosting countless seasonal parties. Unfortunately, all that celebrating can also mean the beginning of new stains for your much loved rug. Dropped food, spilled drinks, and increased foot traffic from the extra visitors can leave your rug in less than perfect condition. However, whether it’s red cranberry sauce, sticky fudge, gooey gravy, or bright holiday punch, there is a way to remedy even the toughest holiday stains. Below are a few tips that will help your rugs stay clean and bright this season regardless of the number of merry-makers that dance across them!

The first step to effectively treating a stain is to determine how recent it is. If the area is still damp, blot up as much as possible with a dry rag before moving on to the next step. If the area has dried, vacuum over it several times to remove the old residue. For semi-solid stains, scoop up everything possible before proceeding.

Second, blot the stain with cool water, then immediately blot dry. 

Third, create a cleaning mixture using 1/4 teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap and a cup of tepid water. After testing the mixture in an inconspicuous corner of your rug to check for negative reactions, gently apply the foam to the stain. Work a soft brush or sponge in a wiping motion toward the center of the stain. 

Finally, blot again with cool water, then blot dry.

While many stains can be removed using these steps, for deep or set-in stains, professional cleaning may be required. To take care of a stubborn stain in your home, contact A Cleaner World Rug Cleaning today to schedule an appointment and keep your rug holiday ready all season long!

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