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Winter Coat

Caring For Your Winter Coat

When you purchased your winter coat, you planned on it lasting for several seasons, and it can - if you treat it well. Below are some tips to help you get the most wear out of your winter coat while keeping it looking its best.

  • The most important one – have it cleaned at the end of cold weather season, before storing it during warmer weather.  Body oils, perspiration, and invisible stains attract moths and other critters.
  • Wearing a scarf with your coat will help keep makeup and soil from settling around the collar.
  • Always hang your coat on a sturdy, good-quality hanger to help it keep its shape.
  • Never place your coat over a hook.  The weight of the coat hanging down off the hook will most likely cause it to become distorted.
  • If your coat is wool, gently brush it after you wear it to remove surface dirt that may have settled.
  • Wool coats that are labeled dry clean only should be cleaned two times per year.
  • Never hang your coat in the closet if wet or even damp.  Items holding moisture in dark places usually end up with mildew issues.
  • Never store your winter coat in our plastic poly bags, which can trap moisture against garments.  Our poly bags are designed for short-term use only.
  • When storing your coat for the season, keep it in a temperate climate – never a basement or attic where there are extreme temperature fluctuations.

 If you have neglected your winter coat, drop it off at any A Cleaner World location. We are here to help.

Winter Coat
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