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Last year in May, we talked about packing for vacation, and in that post, I explained that our Mediterranean cruise was postponed to May 2022.  It has now been postponed to May 2023, so we are on vacation plan C – the Grand Canyon.  

While last year’s packing tips are still applicable, I have learned a few new things since last year’s road tip.  These tips are not only for packing to get to your destination but are also for once you arrive.

  1. Use Garment Bags.  Last trip I folded or rolled everything, including summer dresses.  This year I plan to place my nicer clothes in a garment bag which will keep them in shape and help reduce wrinkles.
  2. Wrap Shoes.  When traveling by air, I wrap my shoes in old towels or plastic grocery bags and strategically place them in my suitcase.  For most road trips, I place all my shoes in a separate bag, and Matt just stuffs it in the back wherever it fits.  As a result, some of my shoes get smashed or scratched.  Stick with the air travel plan all the time, and your shoes will not get damaged.  
  3. Pack a Mini Sewing Kit.  You can purchase one about anywhere, and they only cost a couple of dollars.  You will be glad you have one while on the road when that button pops off right before dinner.
  4. Laundry Detergent or Stain Remover.  The sooner you address a stain or spill, the more likely it can be removed.  You can spray with stain remover, and if you are coming home in a day or two, you can wait until you have a washing machine at your disposal.  If it is longer than two days, you may want to treat it and then hand wash it in the sink to see if you can remove the stain.  It’s as easy as plugging the drain, adding detergent and water, swishing it around, and then thoroughly rinsing.  Just be sure to check the care label first for water temperature and to ensure it is machine washable.
  5. Unpack Upon Arrival.  The easiest way to reduce wrinkles is to unpack as soon as you arrive at your destination.  This will give the wrinkles time to relax. If something is exceptionally wrinkled and you need to wear it that day, you can hang it in the bathroom, turn the shower on hot, and allow the steam to relax the wrinkles.  
  6. Avoid Packing Wrinkly Clothing.  Cotton, one of the most popular fabrics, and linen items wrinkle easily.  The six best fabrics for wrinkle-free travel are wool, lyocell, polyester, cashmere, knit, and spandex.

If you have travel-related clothing tips to share, post them in the comments section of our Facebook page, and if you are overwhelmed by a mountain of laundry after returning from vacation, you can always try our wash and fold laundry service.

packing for vacation
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