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Why You Should Use Our Home Delivery Service

While it seems like time moves faster the older you get, the clock and the calendar still move at the same pace.  That does not explain why the days lasted forever when I was a kid, and now I could use a few more hours every single day.  I find these days that time is my most valuable commodity, so I have learned to embrace services I once thought frivolous.  

If you’d asked me a few years ago what I thought about wash and fold laundry services or dry cleaning and laundry home delivery, I would have balked at the idea.  Today, I find these services to be essential.  So, why would you want to use A Cleaner World’s Home Delivery Service?  Well, let me rephrase that -- why wouldn’t you?

  • Convenient, Efficient, Timesaving.  I tried to find one word that would sum up this category, and I failed.  Any item that you would drop off at one of our locations, dry cleaning, laundry, rugs, linens, wash and fold laundry, and alterations, we will pick up on your designated day, and you don’t even have to be home.  Your items will be cleaned, washed, pressed, altered, and returned to you on your assigned day, leaving you time for more important things.
  • Cost Effective.  You might even say using A Cleaner World’s Home Delivery Service is a money-saving venture.  There are no minimums and no fees, and dry cleaning and laundry prices are the same as they are at our stores.  Plus, think about how much money you will be saving on gas.
  • Quality.  You get the exact same quality you would have had you dropped your items off at one of our stores yourself. Think about those difficult to remove stains that only seem to respond to professional spotting agents.  There is the commercial-grade equipment and top-notch training that make for whiter whites and brighter colors.  Finally, there is no comparison between a piece of clothing pressed by me versus a garment pressed by A Cleaner World’s expertly trained staff.  Those garments simply always look their finest.   

A Cleaner World’s Home Delivery Service will make your life easier while keeping you always looking spiffy.  To sign up for our Home Delivery Service, just click here.

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