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Why Tailoring and Alterations are Great Options

Over the last couple months, we have discussed the fast fashion industry and finding new purposes for old clothes; soon we'll share information on how to purchase better quality clothing. In the spirit of taking care of what you have and purchasing items that will last longer, I’d be missing an opportunity if I didn’t remind you of A Cleaner World's tailoring and alterations services. After all, if you are anything like me, you likely have a couple things hanging in your closet right now that need hem, tuck, or repair.

If you’re Thinking of Purchasing New Clothes

The problem I run into is that when I notice a garment that needs some special attention, I simply stick it back in my closet and decide to deal with it later. Later usually never arrives, and a perfectly good garment eventually gets donated and replaced by a new purchase. But here’s a better option – taking it to A Cleaner World where it can be hemmed, taken in or let out, and repaired.

Why is Tailoring and Altering a Better Option than Purchasing New?

  1. If no one else is willing to invest in that piece, it will be added to the 11 million tons of clothing sent to landfills in the US each year.
  2. You are saving yourself money by repairing instead of purchasing new. Over time, this money adds up and could be spent on other things.
  3. You get to keep a garment that you love.

Our expert’s tailoring and alterations skills aren’t limited to clothing, they can also repair many household items as well.

Some of Our Services Include:

  • Zipper replacements
  • Torn or detached seams
  • Button attachments, replacements, or resets
  • Adjust hems, sizes, waists
  • Turn or taper shirt collars
  • Taper pants
  • Apply patches

If you are in need of these services, call or stop by one of our locations and speak with the manager.

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