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What Other Services Does A Cleaner World Offer That Could Help My Business?

Video Transcript

Hello my name is Scottie Springer Sales and Customer Service Manager at the A Cleaner World Commercial Services division. I am here today to answer a few questions recently submitted by a viewer. What other services does A Cleaner World offer that could help my business? A Cleaner World offers a line of Commercial Services that reaches a wide variety of business’s needs. A Cleaner World Commercial Services is a family owned and locally operated company, providing custom rental programs for uniforms, shop towels, mats, bar towels, aprons, restroom supplies and more. We help new customers that have not had needs met in the past. Some complaints with previous providers have included being charged for products and services that were never delivered or received. Others have mentioned frustrations with constant turn over with route or customer service representatives. Our customers tell us they like us because we are prompt, local, and competitive. As well as delivering simplicity to their needs. We are happy to help customers who are considering rental needs for the first time! A business owner can help enhance their company image by having their employees in a sharp uniform program. Placing logo mats at all public entrances can help a business place look more professional. Our services provide a convenient way to keep restrooms well stocked and clean. Please let A Cleaner World help you make your business stand out from all of the rest! For more information, please contact me via email at or 336-870-6299. I would love to have a conversation with you to speak about what A Cleaner World can do for you and your business. Here comes clean!

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