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What is the Difference Between Dry Cleaning and Professional Wet Cleaning?

Lots of customers don’t realize that professional wet cleaning is even an option, but A Cleaner World has been doing it for years. Let’s do a little compare and contrast on Dry Cleaning versus Professional Wet Cleaning.

What is Professional Dry Cleaning?

Dry Cleaning is a process where your clothes are placed into a large machine and cleaned using solvent and special detergents. While the clothes do get wet, there is no water used in this process.

Benefits of Professional Dry Cleaning

  • Dry Cleaning easily removes oil-based stains
  • Because there is no water used in the cleaning process, fibers won’t swell reducing the chance for shrinkage and fading
  • Gentle on natural fibers like wool and silk
  • Provides a soft finish
  • Solvents are recycled to minimize waste

What is Professional Wet Cleaning?

Professional Wet Cleaning isn’t like doing laundry at home; it’s a specialized process that requires specific training, equipment, and supplies, and each step of the process (there’s about 10) is critically important.

Benefits of Professional Wet Cleaning

  • Cleans garments that cannot be dry cleaned like metallic shirts and garments with decorative embellishments
  • Cleans delicate fabrics like silks and linens
  • Easily removes water soluble stains
  • Whites turn out whiter and colors turn out more vivid
  • Process uses water and biodegradable soaps, which helps folks with skin sensitivities
  • Removes smelly odors and stains from sweat, mildew, and urine
  • Doesn’t create any waste

Choice is a good thing. These options allow A Cleaner World to choose the best process for your garment. If you have questions about how we go about caring for your garments, feel free to e-mail us at

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