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What is a Cobbler, and Why Should I Use One?

When I think of the word cobbler, I generally think of the peach form with a crumb topping, but this particular kind of cobbler actually repairs shoes.  Like so many trades these days, the shoe repair business is in decline; in the 1930’s over 100,000 shoe repair companies existed whereas today, there are approximately 4,300.  So, while they might be difficult to find, if you find a skilled cobbler, keep their number on speed dial.  Here’s why:

  1. Money savings.  A good-quality pair on men’s dress shoes are expensive, but that same pair of good-quality expensive shoes can be re-soled 7-10 times.  A women’s pair can be re-soled 3-5 times, ultimately helping your pocketbook.
  2. Good for the environment.  What do you do when your favorite pair of shoes are worn out?  Lots of folks throw them in the trash, but thanks to skilled cobblers, approximately 62 million pairs of shoes avoid the landfill each year.    
  3. Sentimental reasons.  I tend to get attached to my things, so when a favorite pair of shoes has seen their better days, I feel sad.  A shoe cobbler can repair your shoes, keeping the same style or changing the soles to match with the season.  Most of all, they can help your shoes last for years.

Once upon a time, I knew a shoe cobbler that had a small shop down the road from A Cleaner World’s old office.  He saved a pair of sandals and a pair of boots for me and several pairs of Matt’s dress shoes, making us both extremely happy. 

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