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There’s something about a nice, long, hot shower that cleanses away the struggles of a tough day.  You step out feeling rejuvenated and refreshed until you look at the nappy, dingy towel you’re about to use to dry off, and suddenly that fresh, clean feeling is gone. How is it that your once bright and fluffy towel has turned into this?

  1. You and Your Products.  Bath towels have a dirty job; while you think you just use a bath towel to remove water from your body, in the process of drying off, your towel also picks up leftover soap or shampoo residue, missed dirt or makeup, dead skin cells, body oils, and bacteria.  These items can stick around in your towels.  
  2. Using Cold Water Washes.  Cold water simply will not remove soil and residue the way hot water will. 
  3. Not Properly Sorting.  If you place white towels in with a bright-red t-shirt, your white towels will likely absorb released dyes, leaving them more pink than white.  The same holds true with blue jeans or dark clothes.  Washing similar colors together prevents dye transfer, leaving clothing the original intended color.
  4. Overloading Your Machine.  Placing too many items in the washing machine causes dirt particles to become trapped inside the machine, preventing them from being rinsed out.
  5. Detergent.  Using too much laundry detergent will cause the suds to hold dirt against the fabric, causing dirt and suds to get caught in areas that won’t rinse clean.  Laundry detergent is made of a variety of chemicals that are designed to lift dirt and stains off your clothes but also to keep that dirt away from your clothes so that it can be carried out with the rinse water. Not using enough detergent can cause the dirt to be redeposited back onto clothes. 

For truly clean towels, use a heavy-duty detergent, wash in hot water, and make sure towels have plenty of room to move around. Instead of using fabric softener, use vinegar in the rinse cycle.  It is a natural softener and will also cut through any excess detergent. Another way to get truly clean towels is to use A Cleaner World’s Wash and Fold Service.  With industrial-sized machines, commercial strength detergents, and years of experience, we can produce bright, clean, and fluffy towels.  Just drop off your bath towels at one of our locations and see for yourself.

bath towels folded and on shelves
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