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If you’re like me, you probably wait too long between drapery cleanings; it’s not that I try to avoid having them cleaned, it’s just that I honestly don’t think about it.  I walk by the draperies in the living room multiple times per day, and they just hang there, in all their beigeness, looking perfectly fine.  Plus, those windows are under our wrap-around front porch, so they don’t receive direct sunlight.  But what they likely receive is moisture and temperature changes around the windows along with Macy the Wonder Beagle rubbing against them as she races back and forth between windows while spying on squirrels.

A common problem that occurs when it comes to caring for drapes is large yellow or tan rings after cleaning.  What would cause this problem?  Many drapery fabrics have sizing or finishes applied, for stability and luster, during their manufacture.  Because draperies are subject to water soluble soils when hanging (think moisture from rain or window condensate touching the fabric), those things disturb the sizing and finishes. When the moisture evaporates, the soil and sizing migrate to the outer edges of the wet area where a ring is formed.  The rings may become more obvious once the item is exposed to heat in cleaning.

If you notice this problem with your drapes, one solution is to have them professionally wet cleaned.  How would professional wet cleaning solve these problems?  Professional wet cleaning isn’t the same thing as throwing your drapes in the washing machine;  it is a specialized process that requires extensive training, specific equipment, and certain supplies.  There are approximately 10 steps involved in the process, and most importantly, water soluble stains, like those mentioned above, are easier to remove during the wet cleaning process.

If you are having issues with your drapes, just drop them off at one of our locations.  We can take it from there.

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