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Vacuuming Mistakes: How to Vacuum Carpet Properly

You mean there’s a wrong way to run the vacuum?  Yes.  Yes, there is.  Are you doing these things?

Not keeping your vacuum cleaner clean.  If your bag or canister is full, it won’t function properly.  Why would you want to go to the effort of vacuuming if your vacuum cleaner isn’t sucking all the dust and dirt out of your carpet?  It’s wasted effort. 

Waiting too long to vacuum.  If you wait until your carpet looks dirty, then it’s been too long since you’ve last run the vacuum cleaner.  In fact, if it looks that dirty, you likely need you have your carpets cleaned instead of just running the vacuum.  Incorporate regular vacuuming into your cleaning routine by vacuuming high-traffic areas at least weekly.

Not vacuuming everywhere.  High-traffic areas are defined as regularly used pathways around the couch; in the kitchen, hallway, and bathroom; and bedrooms.  It makes sense to vacuum those places at least weekly.  But what about low-traffic areas in places like guest rooms, the dining room, closets, and under beds?  While those places might not receive a lot of foot traffic, dirt and dust will still settle and build up over time.  Set a regular vacuuming schedule for those spaces as well. 

How is your technique?  First, this is not a sprint, so take your time pushing the vacuum cleaner back and forth.  Vacuuming slowly allows your cleaner to suck up more dirt and dust, ensuring that your carpets are actually clean.  Second, you vacuum in only one direction.  Vacuum the room in one direction, then make a quarter turn and vacuum the room again.  This safeguards against dirt and dust from being left behind.  Finally, use the hose and attachment to get around the edges of the room once or twice a month.  Not doing this often enough will cause dirt to accumulate over the years.

While we don’t offer carpet cleaning services, we do offer Rug Cleaning Services.  If you have questions about caring for your flooring, any type, feel free to stop by one of our locations or give Greg a call at 336-992-0700. 

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