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A Cleaner World Commercial and Uniform Services started providing uniform and floor mat rental, restroom and restaurant supplies, and shop towels roughly nine years ago. Our first facility was in the old A Cleaner World location on South Main Street in High Point; but we quickly grew out of that and moved into a warehouse in Kernersville.

In the beginning, our laundry equipment was also a bit sparse – we had a single Wascomat EXSM 135 washer and Wascomat TD 135 dryer, and over time, we added several 80-135 lb. washers and dryers to handle growth. We call it a good problem to have, but not too long ago we realized that our current equipment situation paired with our rapid growth in volume was leading to high labor costs caused by loading and unloading traditional commercial washers and dryers.

That’s where our friends at Tri-State Laundry Equipment came in; they recommended we install B&C Technologies line of tilting 275 lb. soft mount washers and 325 lb. dryers. Why? This commercial washer and dryer pair will handle our increased volume and will provide overhead sling loading capabilities for both the washers and dryers as well as rear tilting of the dryers with auto open rear doors to dump the finished product into buggies or onto a conveyor for huge savings in both time and labor. How cool is that?

This is just phase one of our commercial laundry equipment upgrade; the folks at Tri-State are also installing a Parker Water Heater and Drain Pit and a Custom Heat Recovery System. We feel blessed to have such a great partner to call on when we have new equipment installation or equipment repair needs. Tri-State will post more photos and information on phases two and three of our upgrades. To read more, follow this link.

b&c si 275 washers
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