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We visited Alaska for 10 days in July of 2015.  While my family wore shorts, t-shirts, and a lightweight jacket, I was bundled up like an Eskimo.  I don’t do well with cold weather.  That’s one of the reasons I love North Carolina, well the Triad, so much.  Besides the rich history, proximity to the beach and mountains, wonderful restaurants, and friendly folks, I am a big fan of the temperate climate.  But even in mild climates, you can have some bitterly cold days, and that’s where A Cleaner World Commercial Services comes in.

The coldest months in the Triad are January and February where highs are 48° - 52° and lows are 27° - 29° Fahrenheit, but to those folks that work out in the elements, that can still be cold.  But surely there are not that many industries where workers are subjected to cold; there are – consider landscaping and nurseries, warehouse workers, car service and repair, tow truck drivers, government employees, manufacturing facilities…..the list can go on. 

Over the years, we’ve talked about all kinds of reasons why you should consider uniforms for your employees, but what about this reason – personal comfort?  How productive can an employee be if they are shivering?  How healthy and safe is it for them if they are always cold?   We’ve got a simple solution with these options:

  • Jackets with choices - with or without hoods, with or without elastic sleeve cuffs or waist band, permanent quilted linings or removable linings, rent or purchase.  You get the idea.
  • Foundation garments like t-shirts of varying weights made with microfiber fabric to help with water wicking.  These shirts can be embroidered with your company logo, and we recommend layering under a long sleeve shirt to stay comfortable to 40°.  These shirts can also be either rented or purchased.
  • Coveralls and overalls which come in cotton, twill, insulated, and denim.  I love all the features these offer like multiple pockets and closures plus the lined coveralls are incredibly warm with quilted lining.  Coveralls and overalls can be either rented or purchased.
  • Of course, we offer all kinds of shirt sleeve and long sleeve shirts in a variety of fabric combinations all for either rent or purchase.
  • Finally, round it all off with hats and gloves, which are offered for purchase only.

While we are fortunate to live in a place with a temperate climate, there are going to be cold days, and when those days hit, isn’t it nice to know that A Cleaner World’s Uniform Service can keep your employees safe, warm, and productive?  To learn more about our uniform service, contact Scottie Springer at 336-870-6299.

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