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Top 5 Tips to Making Cleaning More Efficient

My husband thinks I love cleaning; I don’t. I just love having a clean house, and if I waited for the cleaning fairy to come, my house would never be clean. Given that I only like the end result, not the process, I do everything I can to efficiently manage the daily, weekly, and monthly care associated with keeping a clean house.

Below are 5 things I’ve incorporated into my cleaning routine.

  1. Create a Cleaning Basket. All my cleaning supplies are in a cabinet in the laundry room. Once upon a time, when I was cleaning a room, I’d realize I was missing something, and I would have to stop what I was doing and run to the back of the house where the laundry room is located. These days, I use a caddy cleaner that holds everything I need to clean any given room in the house, and there’s no need to load and unload it; I simply keep it stocked and stored in the cabinet.
  2. Invest in the Proper Supplies. You don’t need every single gadget or cleaning product known to man to do a good job cleaning your house. Microfiber cloths, clean sponges, mop, paper towel, and multipurpose cleaning products are all you need.
  3. Declutter first. Put everything away before you start cleaning; you’ll save time this way as opposed to trying to two things at once. Also, clear everything off a flat surface before dusting. This process is much faster than picking up each item, cleaning underneath it, and then putting it back.
  4. Dust then Vacuum. You should always dust before you vacuum; otherwise, you knock dust bunnies onto your clean floor. Translation: you’ll be vacuuming a second time.
  5. Tackle Simple Jobs Frequently. Do routine things like making beds, picking up clutter, washing dishes, taking the trash out, and putting dirty clothes in the laundry room on a daily basis. These tasks take no time, but if they are overlooked for a couple days, they can pile up and turn into a monumental task.

If you have time saving cleaning tips, we’d love to hear them – just post your tip on Facebook!

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