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Storing Off-Season Clothes at A Cleaner World

As much as I love our house, it lacks two important details, the biggest one being adequate closet space. In fact, the closet in my son Gray’s bedroom holds more clothing than our closet. My husband Matt’s solution, because he was sold on this house, was that I purge. Not a chance; there’s a better solution - A Cleaner World! He had no idea that storing out-of-season clothes at A Cleaner World was even an option, and I am betting that you didn’t either. The fantastic part about the whole thing is that you pay no storage or insurance fees; you simply pay for the cost of dry cleaning when you pick your clothes up.

How to Store Out-of-Season Clothes at A Cleaner World:

  • Separate your clothes into two, three, or four groups if you would like to pick up these items at different times. Maybe lighter weight items for group 1 and get heavier for later in the season pick up as you need more warmth.
  • We are still happy to take them all at once.
  • Point out any spills or stains at drop off.
  • Finally, give us an estimated replacement cost for each group that you drop off.

What We Do When You Drop Off Your Out-of-Season Clothes:

  • We make an inventory list, noting any special fabrics or decorative trims.
  • We inspect, pre-spot, clean, inspect, and lightly press each garment.
  • We insure these storage items against fire, flood, and theft for your declared value.
  • Once the garments are cleaned and pressed, we will either hang or fold them as needed.
  • Your clothes will be placed in a specially sealed, UV light proof bags lightly scented with cedar oil.

When your out-of-season clothes come back into season, just call us 24 hours prior to pick up.

What We Will Do to Get Your Clothes Ready:

  • When we receive your phone call, we will take your clothes out of storage, inspect them, refinish them, and package them like a regular dry cleaning order.

When you come to pick up your clothes, you will only pay for the cost of the regular cleaning. It is as easy as that, and as I think about it, I cannot find any downsides to that plan. You save valuable storage space in your house, you don’t have to get rid of any of your favorite items, and you should wash or dry clean everything before placing it into storage anyway – now A Cleaner World does that for you. To learn more about storing your out-of-season clothes at A Cleaner World, just stop by or call one of our convenient locations.

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