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I regularly watch our store reviews, one to make sure everything is running smoothly, and two to look for opportunities to share good experiences or to fix bad ones.  When I read this review about a new store manager at our Boone location, I felt like it required a little more than just a slide on Facebook and Instagram.

Whitley Clawson is a Boone native, which I find to be unusual anymore, and he is new to the dry-cleaning industry.  According to Steve Plantone, his district manager, “He has been a blessing to me since I hired him.  He just stepped right in and took ownership of this place.”  After reading the review and talking to Steve, I simply had to learn more about the situation and Whitley.

According to Whitley, he received a phone call from the manager at The Horton Hotel explaining that a guest in town for a wedding had her luggage run over by an airport cart, causing the shoe polish inside the bag to explode all over her dress.  The 60ish year old customer was planning to walk roughly 1.5 miles along a busy road to A Cleaner World to see if her dress could be cleaned before the wedding, which was that afternoon.  Whitley decided it would be more efficient to go pick up the dress, clean and press it, and return it to the customer so that she would be ready in time.  

Going out of his way to help others is one of the reasons Whitley took the job as manager.  “I love helping people and talking to people,” he shared.  His gesture of kindness not only resonated with the customer, but it also resonated with the hotel manager.  Morgan, the hotel manager, wrote, “Whitley was so sweet, and they could not have been more accommodating. Plus, they got the stain out of course!! I could not recommend them more and will be recommending them to all guests and friends that ask me the best place to go.”

Going the extra mile is what we are all about.  I am excited that Whitley has made this impression on so many folks so early in his ACW career.  It says a lot about his character and the kind of business he will run.  If you are in Boone and need kindness and clean clothes, look no further that our location on King Street!

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