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Off-Season Care for Patio Cushions and Fabric

So many folks look forward to fall; I do not.  For as much as I complain about being cold, I do like fall; what I don’t like is winter, and fall makes me think of winter.  Thankfully for those of us in the south, we get to enjoy our outdoor spaces longer than our northern friends; however, we still need to think about protecting our cushions and outdoor furniture during those few chilly months.  

If patio cushions and fabrics are not cleaned and properly stored during winter, they can become moldy, musty, and filled with mildew.  In addition, dirty cushions attract pests which will make themselves at home either by creating a nest inside or munching on the fabric.

  • Rule #1 – Thoroughly clean patio cushions and outdoor fabrics before storing away for the season.  We always recommend following the directions on the care label, but if there is no care label, follow this link for information on how to clean outdoor fabric.  And if cleaning these items seems like a big job to tackle, you can always drop them off at any A Cleaner World location or use our home delivery service.
  • Rule #2 – Make sure items are completely dry before storing away; outdoor furniture and fabrics are not mildew proof and putting them away while damp could lead to such issues.  Also, avoid storing items in plastic, which can trap moisture next to fabric leading to -- mold and mildew.  It is important to allow air to circulate around the fabric.  
  • Rule #3 – Where you store your clean and dry outdoor cushions and furniture is also important.  Place them in a safe, dry place not predisposed for unwanted guests.  For extra protection, wrap cushions in old (but clean) sheets or blankets or you could also drape them over furniture to keep dust from gathering.

These simple suggestions will ensure that your outdoor furniture will be ready for next spring.  All you will have to do is simply uncover it and place it back on your deck or patio.  

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