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Even though our culture has gotten incredibly casual, there will always be a need for both men and women to have a good-quality suit in their wardrobes.  These days I work from home and volunteer as a cross country coach, so my closet is full of jeans and running shorts.  Also in there is a classic navy pantsuit and a classic knee-length black skirt and jacket.  And on occasion, I purchase a new blouse or top to spruce them up for an event.  The same holds true for Matt; he has a couple suits in his closet that see regular usage.  In fact, Gray now has both a navy suit and a gray suit.

Classic cuts never go out of style, so if you invest in quality pieces, they will last for years to come.  Besides regular professional cleanings, usually after 2-3 wears, the tips below can extend the life of your suit keeping it looking just as sharp as the day you cut off the tags.

  • Never rub a spill or stain; doing so can push the substance further into the fabric.  Instead, gently remove the excess and drop it off with a professional as soon as possible.  The sooner a spill or stain is addressed, the more likely it can be removed.
  • Never store your suit away without having it cleaned first.  Dirt, perspiration, and body oils are open invitations to critters.  
  • When having your suit cleaned, be sure to have all pieces cleaned at the same time to ensure uniform wear.  In addition, don’t wear your suit as separates.  
  • Brush your jacket and pants between cleanings to remove dirt and lint buildup.
  • When wearing your suit, don’t overload the pockets because it can lead to sagging, and use caution when carrying a briefcase or purse; the strap could cause snags or rub a shiny spot on the fabric.
  • Hang your suit on a good-quality wooden hanger to make sure it retains proper shape.  When placing your suit in your closet, make sure it has plenty of room so that other garments aren’t crammed up against it.
  • If your suit gets wet, don’t hang it in your closet until it’s dry.  Doing so can lead to mildew issues.

I know my navy pantsuit is at least 10 years old, and it looks like new.  Plus, I still get compliments on it when I wear it.  That’s because I follow my advice on its care, and the results speak for themselves.  If your suit, or any garment for that matter, needs some attention, just stop by one of our convenient locations and speak with the manager.  We’ll get you fixed right up.

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