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Matt’s sister has a wonderful setup for guests.  When they built their house a few years ago, they chose to put in two master bedroom suites on the main floor.  The second suite is near the back of the house, close to the garage, so it’s easy to carry in luggage.  The bedroom has its own walk-in closet and attached bathroom.  What makes it especially nice is that Amy always stocks it with extra blankets, pillows, and toiletries.  That’s right, in the bathroom, there’s a basket with all kinds of travel size items in case you forget something, like your toothbrush – which happened to me on a recent trip.

With the holidays in full swing, you’re bound to have a few overnight guests, and you’ll want to make them feel as welcome as Amy always makes us feel.

  • Make room.  Our guest room closet is full of my clothes, so when guests come to stay, I shift things around.  You want your guests to have a place to hang their clothes, so get rid of the extra stuff.
  • Clean.  The door to our guest bedroom often stays shut, mostly so that Macy the Wonder Beagle won’t lay on the bed.  Even though it’s not regularly in use, dust still seems to find it’s way in.  Before guests arrive, I dust the furniture and vacuum the floor.  And because guests share a bathroom with Gray, I always clean it before they arrive – even if I’ve just cleaned it two days before.
  • Put fresh sheets on the bed.  When the guest room isn’t in use, I simply pull the comforter up and strategically place the throw pillows.  For guests, I put fresh sheets on the bed right before they arrive.  I also place a few extra blankets and pillows at the foot of the bed.  
  • Welcome.  I place a few welcome items in the bedroom, like a few fresh flowers in a vase on the dresser and a couple bottles of water on the nightstand.  
  • Missing items.  Somebody always forgets something.  Have a just-in-case basket with extra toothbrushes, small bottles of shampoo and conditioner, soap, razors, lip balm, and hair ties in either the bathroom or bedroom. 
  • Have fun. Whatever their reason for visiting, schedule something fun to do with your guests.  Whether it’s shopping, sightseeing, or visiting well-known sites, spending special time with your guests will make for a memorable experience for all.

Of course, after your guests are gone, we are here to help you get caught up with your wash and fold laundry, bed linens, and dry cleaning.  Simply call for delivery or drop off at your favorite location

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