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Mother's Day Gift

Mom’s don’t like doing laundry; I am qualified to make this statement because I am a mom. Laundry is a necessary evil. If I don’t do it, no one else will. Or if they do get desperate enough to do a load of laundry, they stuff too many towels into the washing machine where they don’t really get clean and then throw them into the dryer where the load takes 2 hours to dry. (This actually happened recently, and my husband was the culprit.)

Moms are also not perfect. We juggle lots of plates and can miss things like occasionally forgetting to check pockets or look for stains, which can make for grumpy teenagers that leave earbuds in pants pockets.

Since I am speaking for moms, I’d also like to point out that our time is precious. We would much rather spend our time doing fun things. We don’t consider laundry fun.

One of our jobs as mom is to educate our children (and sometimes our husbands) on the things of life. There are companies out there, like A Cleaner World, that provide services that mom’s appreciate, like Wash and Fold. These companies take in your dirty clothes, sort, pre-treat, check pockets, wash, dry, fold, and even match socks. They return your clean clothes to you in a lovely package so that all moms do is take them home. (If you are an exceptionally wonderful kid or husband, you could pick them up for her or arrange for our Home Delivery service.)

Why not give mom a gift certificate for a month’s worth of A Cleaner World’s Wash and Fold service? You’ll be giving her more than clean laundry; you’ll be giving her the gift of precious time. That’s something all of us could use more of.

mom doing laundry
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