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The best way to read someone’s character is to hire them to babysit for your kids; if they take good care of your children, then you can trust them with anything. More than 15 years ago, Jordan babysat for Chris Edwards’s children. At the time we had a few locations that needed part-time Customer Service help, so Chris asked Jordan to fill out an application, and she was hired by one of our franchise owners, David Jones.

Fast forward 15 years and now Jordan is managing the A Cleaner World on Inman Road along with our Greensboro Route Service. “Jordan has worked for us for quite a while now,” said Alan Peatross, District Manager for A Cleaner World. “As a manager, she’s very attentive, and she’s really great with customers. I like to call her cucumber, because she’s just cool and steady in all situations, including what I would consider a crisis.”

Interesting Facts About Jordan

I’d never had much interaction with Jordan until a couple months ago when I did the post on our route service. Since then, I’ve had the chance to speak with her a number of times via phone and email, and I learned some really interesting things about her. For instance, while the friendships she’s formed with both customers and employees keep her motivated, the thing she likes most about what she does is ‘helping others keep their garments looking their best.’ Apparently Jordan is a ‘neat-freak’ (love that), so taking something dirty and bringing it back to like-new condition is right up her alley.

Even with all her experience, she’s seen some challenges along the way. Such as the handmade tablecloth that people had signed over the years. It was a family keepsake. She cleaned the item on gentle cycle and let it hang to dry, but proper finishing was a challenge because she could not use the hot head or machine press for fear of losing the integrity of the stitching of the signatures.

Jordan’s Advice

If Jordan could give us one piece of garment care advice, it would be this, “Do not treat your stains at home because some chemicals or cleaners can set a stain in. Simply leave the stain alone and bring it to us.”

When Jordan isn’t at work, she loves spending time with her husband, two kids, and two dogs playing and watching baseball or doing home improvement projects. Plus, they are big Alabama fans (we’ll try not to hold that against them).

If you’re a customer at Inman Road, you’re in excellent hands, and on your next visit, make sure you say hello to Jordan.

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