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Meet Joe Harmon, A Cleaner World Store Manager

So many times it’s who you know, and for Joe, it was another A Cleaner World manager that spoke highly of both the company and the job. Four years later, he’s running one of my favorite locations – Battleground Avenue in Greensboro. Besides being my favorite location, this A Cleaner World store is the one our president, Chris Edwards, ran when he was a store manager many moons ago.

Like so many of our other managers, Joe really enjoys interacting with his customers. “They are great,” he stated. “I especially enjoy it when they accidentally leave airline tickets or business cards in their clothes. It’s always fun to see where my customers are going and to talk to them about what they’ve been doing.”

The Three Things that Motivate Joe:

  1. He happily goes out of his way for his customers. It is nothing for Joe to drive an order to a customer’s home or to meet them somewhere with their clothes.
  2. He is insistent on only providing the best quality – even if it seems like it is impossible. For instance, there was the time when a customer dropped off 9 pairs of pants that were accidentally washed with a tube of lipstick. While it took him a couple days-worth of work, he removed all the lipstick.
  3. He absolutely hates it when something happens to a customer’s garments.

Lipstick is not the only challenge he’s conquered; once Joe was tasked with caring for a special and delicate antique Russian scarf. If Joe could offer one piece of advice it would be this – “Whenever in doubt, trust a professional. Dry cleaning is not a DIY project.”

When Joe is not taking care of clothing emergencies, this Greensboro native and graduate of UNCG enjoys spending time with his wife and son riding bikes or just simply being outdoors, traveling (he’s been to all 50 states!), watching airplanes, and eating steak and potatoes.

So, if you have a clothing emergency, just need something pressed, or want to store out-of-season clothes and you are in Greensboro, call on Joe. He is there to help.

Joe Harmon
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