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Laundry Planning with Wash and Fold Service

Once upon a time, it would have felt weird to use a Wash-Dry-Fold Service, but ever since A Cleaner World bailed me out from dragging a toddler to the laundromat, I have become a big fan. In fact, I’m already planning my next use of Wash and Fold.

Gray is now 14 and a very busy young man. Besides, being in 8th grade, he’s working on his Eagle Scout project, participates in youth group, runs cross country, dabbles in filmmaking, loves playing airsoft, and reads like a fiend. He’s not one to sit still, so it won’t surprise you that he’s overcommitted himself this summer. On week’s where he’s not working at Matt’s company, he’ll either be on a scout campout, a youth group trip, a fishing expedition with Matt, or on a family vacation. The problem is that many of these things run together, and I won’t have enough time to get his laundry done and prepare for the next adventure.

All month long, we’ve been talking about A Cleaner World’s Wash and Fold Service, and here are two more reasons to give it a try:

  1. A Sudden (and Large) Influx of Dirty Clothes. Vacation is wonderful until you get home with a week’s worth of dirty clothes for an entire family, and it’s even worse if you have back-to-back events. You can use A Cleaner World’s Wash and Fold service as a subscription, or you can use it to bail you out of a fix. There’s no need to spend an entire day scrambling to do laundry. We’ve got you covered.
  2. It Supports Local Businesses. Whether it’s us or another garment care business, we aren’t just a place that cleans your clothes. We’re part of the community. We get to know our neighbors, and we give back wherever we can.

Supporting local businesses is just one way to help build a community and keep it thriving. Checking out a Wash and Fold service not only supports local businesses, but it also makes your life much easier. To learn more about A Cleaner World’s Wash and Fold Service, click here.

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