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My research for this post yielded lots of information; unfortunately, it was not the information I was looking for. All the posts discussed the importance of proper lighting to help the space look larger, to help you organize, to find the perfect outfit, and to brighten up hidden spots. While these things might appeal to home buyers or remodelers, overexposure to sunlight or artificial light can be hazardous to fabric.

Why is Light Dangerous to Fabric?

  • Some dyes are sensitive to extended exposure to light, causing the dyes to fade to lighter shades.
  • Some fabrics, like silk, tend to fade easily.
  • Many times, the fading only occurs on one side of the fabric – the side which is exposed to the light.
  • Fading cannot be corrected.

How to Reduce Fading Due to Closet Lighting

  • Never store clothing in direct sunlight. If your closet has a window, use blinds or curtains to reduce the light coming in.
  • Turn the closet lights off when not in use.
  • Put paper dust covers over the shoulder areas of garments, or better yet, cover garments with a clean, white sheet or cloth.

If you have any questions about fading or garment care in general, shoot A Cleaner World an e-mail at or contact us.

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