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On the way home from church last week, the zipper on Gray’s jacket got stuck, and his tugging quickly turned to panic.  It was a chilly morning, and he had zipped it all the way up under his chin, so now he was feeling trapped.  I tried to convince him to just be patient until we got home because I knew a few tricks to help unstick a zipper.  He tried pulling the jacket over his head only to find that the hole was too small for his big head.  Panic turned to terror, and he was certain that he was going to be stuck in that jacket forever.

Believe it or not, there are several zipper lubricant products on the market right now, but I say why purchase yet something else that you must keep track of when you already have what you need at home?  Before you try the zipper lubrication tips below, insert a paper clip through hole in your zipper; it will give you a larger handle to hold onto as you work the zipper up and down.

  1. Rub a bar of soap on both sides of the teeth, making certain that there is soap all over the affected area.  Once the stuck area is covered, try working the zipper up and down.
  2. This same method works with all kinds of home items like coconut oil, Vaseline, liquid dish soap, crayons, chap stick, and candle wax
  3. Use caution when trying some of these products because if they get on the fabric, they could leave a reside or stain.

While I was able to get Gray out of his jacket, I got a bit aggressive with my attempts, ultimately breaking the zipper.  It’s a good thing for us that A Cleaner World can replace zippers allowing us to continue enjoying our favorite garments.  So, if you need help with a zipper, just bring it by one of our locations

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