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Stores these days are full of fast fashion pieces that only offer a few wearings before they start to fray and fade. As a result, shopping can be a challenge, especially when you are looking for timeless classic pieces that will last you for years.

What to Look for When Shopping for Quality Garments

  • Check the Seams
    Turn the garment inside out, tug at the seams, and pull at every piece of string. When a piece of clothing is cheaply made, the seams are often poorly constructed. Also, make sure there is extra fabric at the seams to allow you to make alterations.
  • Check the Drape
    Examine the way the garment hangs both on the hanger and on you. Make sure it drapes the way it was intended, ensuring that it looks even.
  • Look for Spare Buttons
    The last thing you want is to lose a button on a shirt or blouse and not have a replacement.
  • Check Buttons, Hooks, Zippers, and Embellishments
    Make sure they are sewn on or in securely, without any loose threads. Also, zippers should zip up and down easily.
  • Hold it Up to the Light
    If you can see light coming through the fabric, it is going to wear out quickly.
  • Is it Lined?
    A garment's lining is a good way to judge quality. A well-crafted lining is a sign that the whole piece has been sewn with care.
  • Know Your Fabrics
    Every garment will eventually wear out, but some fabrics are more durable than others. Polyester is long lasting and incredibly durable, but it is a synthetic fiber made of plastic, and there are environmental downsides to choosing this fabric.

Of course, when you do find the perfect piece that compliments your wardrobe, you can always trust A Cleaner World to keep it looking new so that you will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

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