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How to Know Which Items Need to Be Dry Cleaned?

Video Transcript

“Hello I am Joe Harmon here to answer your burning dry cleaning question. A recent viewer submitted this question How do I know what garments need to be D/C? Today we will discuss what to look for when deciding what garments, you should take to the cleaners. Each garment you own should have a care label which will list symbols on it that have different meanings. Here are a few examples of garment care symbols. We also have garment care charts and helpful hints on our website and our social media sites Facebook, Instagram and twitter. We have years of experience with care labels, and at A Cleaner World we know the exact solution for each of the garments we care for. Please see one of our dry-cleaning specialist for any questions concerning your garments. They will be happy to answer or assist in any way possible. Please visit A Cleaner World for all of your dry cleaning and laundry needs.”

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