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How Hairspray Impacts Your Clothing

Years ago, I developed a habit of draping a bath towel around my shoulders before I sprayed hairspray on my hair. I started doing this because I could see and feel the sticky substance falling onto my clothes and arms, and I just didn’t like the thought or feel of that stuff laying on my clothes or body all day. Turns out that was a wise decision because some hair products contain oxidizing agents that could cause color loss on fabrics.

What You May Notice on Your Garments from Hair Products

  • After you have a garment cleaned, you could notice color loss or change around the neckline, shoulder, or back of the item.
  • The color change, fading, or loss could be anywhere from white, cream, pink, or yellow in color.
  • This change may not occur after just one wearing, washing, or cleaning. The buildup of the colorless substance along with the heat from cleaning and pressing will cause it to become noticeable.

The Best Way to Prevent the Effects of Hairspray

  • Read the labels on your haircare products and understand the impact they can make on your clothing.
  • Use these products and allow them to completely dry before dressing.
  • Try my method of wrapping your bath towel around your shoulders before using.
  • Let us know at drop off that there are haircare products on your clothing so that we can identify and treat the areas before cleaning.

Other products to be wary of include sunscreen and antiperspirant; follow the links to learn more about these products. For any questions, contact us or visit one of our locations.

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