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My disdain for winter weather is no secret; I tend to express my displeasure from October through April.  Given my cold-natured body, I have learned how to survive during winter months and have a closet full of clothes to prove it.  One thing I resigned myself to a long time ago, I stopped caring that I walked like the Michelin man, and I totally focused on staying warm.  

When at home, it is easy to head to your closet for another layer.  Currently, I have a blanket on my lap, and I just reached over to the built-in cabinet next to my desk to pull out a zip-up sweatshirt to slip on.  What about when you are heading out? I say be overprepared; you can always peel off layers, but if you do not wear or take enough, you’re miserable.

1.  Dress in layers.  

  • I would also add have extra layers on hand, if possible.  This is important so that you can add or remove as the weather changes throughout the day.  If it looks like rain, throw on your rain jacket.  If you start sweating, remove an outer layer.  This is much easier than drying off or trying to warm up.
  • Three layers seems to work best.  For your base layer, try long underwear or a turtleneck and leggings.  Choose something that’s moisture-wicking that will keep you warm without causing you to sweat.  The second layer could be a fleece or wool pullover on top and something close-fitting on the bottom; wool pants are a better choice than denim.  Finally, I like a puffy coat with a hood for the outer layer.  If there’s a chance for inclement weather, consider throwing in something to help guard against moisture and/or wind.
  • Void wearing cotton because it tends to hold moisture making it less than ideal for winter weather.
  • Don’t forget a hat, gloves or mittens, and a scarf.
  • One more tip – consider wearing a long coat.  If your desire is to stay warm, having your torso completely covered will help.  

2.  Don’t neglect your feet.

  • Super-cute shoes are fun but remember that we are trying to stay warm – and safe.  Wear shoes with a tread so that you can avoid slipping.  Couple them with a thick pair of wool socks to avert frostbite. 

3.  Weatherproof

  • If you are out in the rain or snow, you’ll want your outer layer to be water proof – both coat and shoes.  The last thing you want is to spend lots of time on trying to stay warm only to get soaked from the outside in.

Of course, the folks in Antarctica are laughing because a girl in the south thinks 30 degrees Fahrenheit is miserable.  If any of your winter clothing needs special attention, drop it off at the nearest A Cleaner World location or place it in your Home Delivery bag.  We will have it cleaned, pressed, and ready to keep you warm.

dressed in layers
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