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How Does A Cleaner World Keep Track of My Garments?

Video Transcript

Hello my name is Christen Manager of A Cleaner World, here to answer your burning question. A recent viewer asked, How does A Cleaner World keep track of my garments and make sure they are returned to me? Each garment is marked in at drop off using a digital point of sale system. When you become a customer at A Cleaner World an account is created using your last name and phone number. Each of your garments are detailed under your account and given a ticket number. Once the garments have been listed under your account the items are then tagged with paper numbered tickets and a safety pin. After cleaning, the garments are inspected and sorted by ticket number with an invoice associated to your account. The items are then returned to you clean and pressed! At A Cleaner World we care for your clothing investment. Please submit your burning questions to

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