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How to Clean and Care for Outdoor Patio Cushions

For more than half of the year, our patios can feel like we have an entire extra room and space to enjoy.. Thankfully, I don’t have to mop hardwoods and dust furniture, but the deck comforts do require occasional attention, especially if company is coming over.

Keeping your Outdoor Fabric Looking Nice

  • Apply water and sun protection annually. Choose a brand that protects fabric from both fading, by blocking out harmful UVA & UVB rays, and water damage, by repelling water and resisting stains. A Cleaner World’s Water and Sun Protection causes moisture to bead up and run off, and our UV protection will safeguard your cushions for years to come.
  • Address spills immediately. This is a must-do for anything fabric related whether outdoor cushions, bedding, or clothing. The sooner you address a spill, the more likely it is to be removed. If your items came with care instructions or have care labels, be sure to consult them before attempting any stain removal. If you are uncertain, you can always check with a professional for guidance.
  • Dust and debris. Pillow and cushion fluffing are probably a bit calmer than what I actually mean, but periodically shake, beat, and punch them to clean off accumulated dust and dirt. If they are exceptionally dusty, use a soft-bristle brush to aid in clean up.
  • Cover when not in use. I’m not always good at this, but if I know we’re in for a lot of rain or if we’re going to be gone on vacation, I’ll stack everything against the house and cover all of it with a tarp.
  • Clean before storing away. Again, be sure to check the care labels to make sure your cushions can be cleaned. I dilute about a quarter cup of mild liquid laundry detergent in a 5-gallon bucket of cool water and use a soft brush to clean the entire surface, then completely rinse to remove all the soap. I do the entire surface to avoid any watermarks, then I make sure they are completely dry before placing them in storage.
  • Store during off season. Just as with clothing, you don’t want to place them in plastic or store them in a humid environment for fear of mildew. Find a cool, dry place and cover them with some old sheets to keep dust from settling while in storage.

If you’d rather save time and have your outdoor patio cushions cared for professionally, just stop by the nearest A Cleaner World location or schedule a free pickup and delivery (in select areas). We offer professional deep cleaning, repairs, water and sun protection, and storage options.

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