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For as long as I can remember, a navy sports coat has been a part of Gray’s wardrobe -- since he was a wee lad. My mom started the tradition one Easter, and now as soon as he outgrows one, we purchase another. And it’s a good thing he’s gotten used to wearing a sport coat because when he becomes a Freshman in High School (ugh next year), he’ll need to wear a navy sport coat to school every Thursday, which is Chapel Day.

I think the navy sport coat, or any sport coat for that matter, is such an important staple in any man’s wardrobe because of its versatility and classic look. You can pair it with jeans and a polo, a pair of khakis and a dress shirt, or add a tie with khakis and a dress shirt. In fact, if you’re traveling, you can pack one neutral sport coat, along with various pieces, and turn it into several outfits.

To keep your sport coats and blazers looking their best, follow these three care practices:

  • Brush and Air Out After Wearing. Brushing your jacket after a day of wear with a clean brush with stiff bristles will help remove flecks of dust, dirt, or food that may have landed on your coat. Doing this little chore will keep dirt from settling into the fabric, which reduces the attraction critters have to your coat. Leaving your coat hanging outside your closet before putting it away will dry any moisture that may have landed on your coat.
  • Use a Good Quality Hanger. When you do hang your coat, never hang it on a flimsy wire hanger because it can cause your coat to hang improperly and become misshapen. Instead, use a sturdy wooden suit hanger that fills out the shoulder area properly and allows your coat to hang properly.
  • Immediately Address Issues. Just as with every garment, the sooner you address loose buttons, hanging string or thread, and improper fit, the easier these problems will be to fix. If you allow these issues to linger too long, you risk the chance that they end up getting too far gone for repair.

Of course, it goes without saying, that you should have your coat cleaned regularly and immediately cleaned if you spill something on it. As a bonus, A Cleaner World regularly places sport coats and blazers on our Wild Wednesday rotation.

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