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Home Laundry is Harder than it Looks

Who knew there were so many rules to doing laundry? With the variety in today’s fabrics, all the different types of detergents, and the complicated machines, home laundry is way harder than it looks. To top it all off, clothing manufacturers put crazy symbols on care labels expecting common folk to be able to decipher them. You need a cheat sheet permanently posted in your laundry room for reference.

Laundry Rules for Dummies:

  1. Check pockets, pre-treat stains, check care labels for special instructions
  2. Sort loads based on color, construction, fabric, soil level
  3. Load washing machine – select water temperature, proper cycle, add detergent
  4. To reduce wrinkles and drying time – dry based on fiber content, weight, select appropriate temperature, remove clothes promptly, fold or hang garments right away
  5. Common mistakes – overloading the washer, improper sorting, too much or too little detergent, incorrect water temperature, failure to sort for drying, overloading the dryer

I already see flaws in these rules. It sounds like the sorting for the wash load is different from the dry load. What do you do with the wet clothes that can’t go in the dryer with the regular load? This is a big one -- How much detergent is the right amount? The list of flaws goes on……

Folks today spend way more time doing laundry than 50 years ago, but research shows that clothes are coming out less clean. That’s because, according to one of the world’s biggest soap manufacturers Procter & Gamble, people do their laundry improperly by not sorting loads and overloading machines. They further found that the average American woman spends seven to nine hours per week doing laundry.

If today’s laundry rules has you pulling your hair out, why not consider trying A Cleaner World’s Wash & Fold Service? It’s like doing your laundry, but we do all the work. Just contact us for more information.

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