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Holiday Spills on Your Rug

Whenever someone drops food in our house, they yell “oops Macy,” and Macy the Wonder Beagle rushes to clean it up. I am fine with this plan provided the oops happens on the hardwood floor, but if the offence occurs on the dining room rug, there is a completely different plan. Especially if this spill occurs on Thanksgiving where menu options often include things like cranberry sauce, gravy, and wine and if handled incorrectly, can leave a permanent mark on your lovely dining room rug.

How to deal with food spills on your rug

  • Address it Quickly
    As with all spills, the quicker you address it, the more likely you are to successfully remove it.
  • Remove the Excess
    Scoop up any excess and then blot what is left with a clean, white, dry towel. Always use a clean, white towel or cloth to avoid any dye transfer to the rug.
  • Blotting
    Next, blot the area using cool water and a clean, white towel, then immediately blot dry.
  • Cleaning Mixture
    Create a cleaning mixture using ¼ teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap and a cup of tepid water. Be sure to test this concoction on an unnoticeable place on your rug before using it on the spill. If there is an adverse reaction, immediately stop the process and call a professional.
  • Applying the Mixture
    Gently apply the mixture to the stain, working a soft brush or sponge in a wiping motion toward the center of the stain.
  • End with Blotting
    Once the spill has been removed, blot again with cool water, then blot dry.

This method can be used with a number of spills but avoid rubbing or scrubbing too aggressively as doing so can damage the pile on your rug. If you are unsuccessful removing the spill after your first attempt, it’s time to contact A Cleaner World’s Rug Cleaning Division. Our premium rug cleaning process will not only remove the spill, but it will bring your rug back to life.

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