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Freshening Up Your Closet

It seems like the further we get into colder weather, the more my house, in particular my closet, smells stale and musty. Apparently, it’s a common problem, and it occurs because things are shut up tight to keep the cold out and the warm in; air simply does not circulate as well within closed spaces like closets and such.

Because A Cleaner World cares about you and your clothes, because musty smells can permeate fibers, we’ve come up with a list of suggestions to help you freshen up your closet.

Keep it Clean

Start by giving your closet a thorough deep cleaning. Remove all items so that you can wipe down shelves and baseboards, vacuum carpet, or mop hardwood, and look for signs of water or moisture damage. If you have water or moisture issues, be sure to contact a professional. If it is just common winter stuffiness, continue your cleaning regimen. Once your closet is clean, regularly dust and vacuum to avoid dust and dander buildup. When you place clothing and items back in your closet, take the opportunity to weed out, donate, and reorganize.

Add Scent

This is not a suggestion to mask odor; it is a way to add a pleasant scent to an already clean house. Use something that is not too strong; remember, your closet is a small space and scents can permeate fibers.

Open Windows

If the opportunity presents itself during these next few months by sharing a warm day, take advantage of it by opening windows and closet doors and letting your house breathe a little. A little fresh air wafting through can do wonders for both you and your house.

Careful What Clothes You Place in Your Closet

Sweaty gym clothes are a no-no, and do not place a dirty clothes basket inside your closet. When putting clothing back in your closet, make certain items are not wet, damp, or dirty. Wet or damp clothing can lead to mold and mildew issues, which will eventually lead to an unpleasant scent. Dirty garments attract pests, and clothing with food spills or stains could cause bacteria to grow. Not only will you keep your closet smelling fresh, washing or dry-cleaning items before putting them away will lessen the likelihood that spills become permanent stains.

Keep Your Closet Smelling Fresh

Paying regular attention to your closet will keep it smelling fresh. Occasionally, you may need to reorganize, donate, and air-out your closet. Make sure clothes are clean and completely dry before putting them away. Lucky for you, A Cleaner World can help you with that part. Simply drop your unclean items off at any location, and we will have them closet ready when you return. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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